An Examination of the Relationship between
Observation and Explanation

by Dr. Edmund Storms bridges the gap between what is thought to be true and possible by conventional scientists, and what is claimed by scientists advocating the reality of the cold fusion phenomenon. In addition, a new explanation is proposed that is consistent with accepted natural law and all the varied behavior attributed to cold fusion.

In the book’s Foreword, Dr. Michael McKubre, Director, Energy Research Lab at SRI International, writes: “The opportunity to learn directly from the most knowledgeable person in arguably the most important emerging field, and to share his concise and well considered condensation of a difficult and scattered literature, are not the only or primary reasons to comprehend The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. Laid out clearly and gently in Chapter 5, ‘Description of an Explanation,’ is the first physical science based description of a potential explanation for cold fusion.”


The 351-page book includes over 900 references to relevant literature. Special 2nd Printing available at Infinite Energy online store.

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I have learned a lot from your book and bought copies for five friends. Chapter 2 is the definitive reference on experiments.
Prof. Thomas J. Dolan
Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering Department
University of Illinois