Call for review of quantum scenario (based on Ed Storm theory)


Call for review of quantum scenario (based on Ed Storm theory) on

Original article by Alain Coetmeur here

Hi all,

Following different theory discussion, Edmund Storms theory, and my modest understanding I am proposing a speculation about LENR.

First of all I am working in the framework of Ed Storms’ theory, not as hydroton, but about the reason that led him to propose hydroton.

I don’t care what is the animal.

as reference here is the book of Edmund Storms
here is an appendix about the QM part
his theory is described with (too) less details

I don’t follow all the details of his explanation, but just question the most general mysteries, raised in his book (better than in his articles).

His key observation is about Iwamura transmutations, and I match it with many other strange observations :
LENR produce few radioactive products, few energetic gamma, few neutrons…

Iwamura observed that in his experiments the fusion of target elements like Cs was involving an even number of deuterium.
Even number of hydrogen is important for symmetry, but the big surprise is that between 2-4-6 deuterium , it seems the non radioactive outcome are prefered

This make me think that this is not an accident but the natural target of the phenomenon called LENR.
Ed Storms key idea is that all happen in an insulated quantum object, of huge size, which dissipate the energy of fusion or transmutation, BEFORE the transmutation happen…

I’m basically incompetent but I propose my (mis)understanding for review, in the standard model framework (please no hydrino, supergravitation… this is a game to stay in SM, like playing chess) …


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