PULSE Magazine #3 features The Explanation of LENR

PULSE-3-coverThe Global Breakthrough Energy Movement is a collective of artists, activists, and technologists creating events and forums for new energy researchers in order to power a revolution in human living arrangements, and they have published another edition of their flagship magazine.

PULSE presents science and technology in the field of breakthrough energy. The gorgeous PULSE #3 is a sensory banquet of full-page, beautifully-printed art, and has articles on topics such as The Agonizingly Long Wait for Breakthrough of Breakthrough Energy by Fred Teunisson, who laments the lack of progress in commercial development of new energy technology, and ultimately takes a hard look in the mirror for why.

This issue also features an article by Christy Frazier on The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction by Dr. Edmund Storms, a book that compares the observational data from cold fusion experiments with the many theories of LENR.

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It just might be that the discovery of vacuum energy as a limitless energy source, is to be synchronized with a spiritual renaissance for all of humanity
Moray B. King from PULSE #3

Kindle version available with additional material

Edmund Storms’ The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction is now available in a Kindle version.

Get the book on Kindle here.

The ebook includes a new Appendix that answers the questions readers have posed to Dr. Storms since the book’s release in July, and contains a further description of hydroton formation.

There is also a newly formatted References section.

Those who already purchased The Explanation of LENR can download the newly added Appendix and References here:



Print copies can be purchased from Infinite Energy Press here.

New graphic from updated version of The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction depicting resonating hydrogen nuclei upon approach
New graphic from updated version of The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction depicting resonating hydrogen nuclei upon approach in region where photon emission occurs.

Reason for writing the book: “The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction”.

The phenomenon called “cold fusion” or “low energy nuclear reaction” has suffered from reasonable initial skepticism that, unfortunately, has continued for 25 years.  Much of this skepticism is justified based on how the process is thought to occur. This lack of a plausible and useful explanation has resulted in much confusion about the reality of the claims and difficulty in replicating the behavior.  Nevertheless, the accumulating evidence shows overwhelming support for nuclear reactions being initiated by a process much different from the cause of conventional hot fusion reactions.

After reading most experimental papers and the major explanations, I  have tried to provide a better explanation.  The complexity of this effort required a book to show how such an explanation could be justified and applied to the observations using accepted laws of nature, all without using math.  As a result, many observations previously explained only by ad hoc assumptions  can  now be  understood while, at the same time, many testable predictions can be made. 

Hopefully, the approach used in the book will help more people understand how cold fusion might function as a real phenomenon and will show how the phenomenon is now too important as a potential source of ideal clean energy for rejection to continue.

Edmund Storms