Dr. Edmund Storms Cold Fusion Biography

Documentation of the Career of a Foremost LENR Pioneer

Prepared by Ruby Carat and Thomas Grimshaw

Initiated February 2021

Note: The following description of Dr. Storms LENR career is from the Summary of the Phase 3 report of the Storms LENR Research Documentation Project.

Dr. Edmund Storms was one of the first researchers to follow up on the cold fusion claims of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons in March 1989. He has continued his cold fusion (now widely referred to as low-energy nuclear reactions, LENR) research in the years since, first in his position at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and then in his home laboratory in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His work has included both laboratory experiments and development of explanations of the LENR phenomenon.

During his 31 years of investigations, Dr. Storms has developed one of the most extensive LENR research records in existence. Much of this work is available in the public realm through his publication of papers and presentations at conferences. There is in addition an extensive body of research results that are in Dr. Storms’ private files. A project has been undertaken to compile the publicly-available documents and to capture, organize, store, and document the private records. The initiative, termed the “Storms LENR Research Development Project” was performed by Dr. Storms and Dr. Thomas Grimshaw, who also has LENR interest in the area of public policy.

The Project has been accomplished in three stages – information collection, organization, and documentation. Stage 1 began in August 2015, and the second draft of the report for this stage was completed on April 18, 2017. The second draft of the Stage 2 report was submitted to Dr. Storms on June 3, 2017. This Stage 3 document, the overall report for the Project, describes the components of the records located, sets forth the timelines of the individual and combined components, and characterizes the phases of Dr. Storms’ LENR research career. The LENR research materials consist of a number of components: publications, unpublished progress reports, laboratory notebooks, electronic data and other files, hard-copy materials, the research laboratory, a LENR library, and interviews of Dr. Storms.

The integrated timelines for these components indicate Dr. Storms’ research can be organized by the entities and individuals he was working with or receiving support from: LANL, ENECO (Charles Becker), Lattice Energy (Lewis Larson), and KivaLabs (Brian Scanlon). Dr. Storms has enjoyed the sponsorship from a number of supporters having various motivations such as scientific advances and commercial success. Periods of independent investigation took place between each of these times (and after the last one), resulting in a total of eight phases from 1989 through 2015.

Dr. Storms has worked diligently in the LENR field since its announcement. He has made many contributions with both sophisticated experiments and advanced explanations of the LENR phenomenon. He has written two books and he has published many papers as well as unpublished reports on experimental findings and their interpretation for creative explanation. He has developed a sophisticated home laboratory in which he has conducted experiments employing the methods known to produce LENR using its various signatures, including excess heat, radiation, tritium production, and elemental transmutation. His novel explanations, such as the nanocrack and hydroton idea for nuclear reactions, conform generally to current scientific understanding but also push into the frontiers of new knowledge. He has developed and maintains perhaps the most complete library of LENR publications in existence today.

Dr. Storms has served as a vital member of the LENR research community from the very beginning. He has provided intellectual and other support to other investigators, and he has been willing to share his expertise and insight freely. The future of humankind may well depend on achieving LENR and realizing its benefits as a clean, abundant, and inexpensive source of energy. Society will owe a great deal to Dr. Storms when LENR becomes a reality it is widely deployed as a source of energy.

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